• How can I be involved? - There are multiple ways for the community to be involved, and we welcome your engagement. We’ll be offering tours of work in progress, requesting community input on rezoning as new schools open, and encourage your feedback at any and all meetings. We’ll be putting more information on our website and social media as we move […]
  • When will the WC-1 Tax go into effect, and how much will it cost? - The Washoe County Assessor is responsible for implementing the tax, the process of which is underway. Most cash registers across the county must be reprogrammed for the higher sales tax rate, so it takes a little time – we are told that Washoe County hopes to begin implementing the tax in April, 2017 and then […]
  • How soon will overcrowding be addressed? - Depending on the area, in may unfortunately take some time. For more than a decade, Washoe County School District faced a lack of funding to build and repair schools. Without adequate funding, schools became increasingly overcrowded and repairs fell further and further behind. Many solutions were proposed, but none succeeded – until November 8, 2016, […]
  • How will new schools be filled? Will rezoning be necessary? - Yes, rezoning will be necessary any time a new school is built. Rezoning is done through a public process involving parents, community members, school planning experts, and the WCSD Board of Trustees. These meetings will be well-publicized and the areas that may be affected will be notified ahead of time.  
  • Can plans from previous schools be re-used, or are we starting from scratch? - The short answer is that most of our designs are old and we therefore need new architectural plans. Depoali Middle School is our most recently designed school, and that design is now a decade old. Our elementary school designs are older still, and our high school designs are about 20 years old. The new middle […]
  • What can funds from WC-1 be spent on? - By law, school construction money can only be used for school building and repairs. The law requires that we have a separate account for that money (the “capital fund”) which has strict reporting and oversight requirements. This money cannot be used to pay teachers, school administrators, legal fees, and more – it is solely for […]
  • How much do new schools cost? - We estimate that costs will be $23 million for an elementary school, $55 million for a middle school, and $110 million for a high school. These estimates were developed with community and expert input. They are based on how much schools in Washoe County have cost in the past, what regional costs are to build […]
  • How are projects prioritized, proposed, and approved? - assessed by yearly inspections of existing buildings and ranking the most critical needs District-wide by, based on “warm, safe, and dry” for our students and staff, life of the building system, and function. New schools needs are prioritized based on current overcrowding and projections of growth by regional experts. We also have to factor in […]
  • What is the plan for building and repairing schools? - Over the next 9 years, we will complete the following: • Significantly increase school repairs and renovations • Build 3 new high schools, plus an expansion of Damonte Ranch High School • Build 3 new middle schools • Build 9 new elementary schools • Eliminate oldest portable/mobile classrooms First, we will spend at least $20 […]