New High School at Wildcreek (Procter Hug High School area)

Location: On site of current Wildcreek Golf Course

Picture of Wildcreek Project overview
Full overview of proposed Wildcreek overall project including new high school
Picture of new high school at Wildcreek master plan
New high school at Wildcreek initial master plan proposal

Status: Negotiating land acquisition from County, updating Educational Specifications.* Local governments voted on May 1 to move forward with research, public input, and efforts to make the project a reality. Golf would remain “as-is” on site through Summer 2019, and then remain onsite in smaller to-be-determined format.

Purpose: Expand and update facility for students in the Procter Hug High School zone. Additional capacity at this new facility will relieve overcrowding at other high schools (such as Spanish Springs High School).

Additional Information:

  • The new career/tech academy at Procter Hug’s campus would be in additional to other programs currently offered by WCSD, like AACT.
  • WCSD’s part in this is the building the high school. It will be up to the County, with input from the public and after more research, to determine what other projects will be done at Wildcreek, what the future golf course there looks like. It will be the County that manages these projects and areas.
  • Final names for the new high school at Wildcreek, and the career/tech academy at Procter Hug’s current campus, will be determined by recommendations from the School Naming Committee and ultimately WCSD’s Board of Trustees.
  • Final zoning for the new school will be completed with community input, and through recommendations from the Zoning Advisory Committee. This will be finalized closer to when the new school opens.

Wildcreek_Project Overview

*Educational Specifications or “Ed Specs” are created with stakeholder and community input, and define the broad concepts and building needs that guide the architectural drawings for specific schools.